Dana Andrews

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation has proven to be an effective therapeutic resource in calming the mind of excess chatter that leads to unwanted anxiety. Moreover, it is seen as a pathway to truth and a way of strengthening intuition to reap the insights needed to heal on a deeper level. With practice, meditation can lead to stillness - calming the mind, helping to release unwanted tension in the body, and allowing one’s own unique sense of spirit to shine forth. In time and through sitting with our own stillness, insights may appear more clearly, giving us the information we need to be embodied in our most authentic self - beyond thought, ideas, and emotion to ultimately find the sense of peace and relief our systems naturally yearn for. Furthermore, it brings forth an awareness of self and our thinking that give us mindful control over how we choose to attend to our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Incorporating this as a part of the healing can greatly aid in the process for fuller integration of the material that arises during session. I offer guided meditations as a supplement to the therapy in the style of of mindfulness, Zen Buddhist, and Insight philosophies.



As a certified yoga instructor and master reiki practitioner, using energy and the body to heal has shown to be profoundly effective, often beyond what mainstream techniques can offer. Separate from my psychotherapy practice, energy work based both in sensational attunement combined with intuition and relying on the natural vitality, qi (“chi”), or ‘life force’ available both internally in the body and externally in the world has shown to have a lasting impact with clients complaining of various issues including:

  • chronic pain

  • trauma

  • anxiety and depression

  • insomnia

  • relational issues

  • spiritual emergence

*Note: hands can be used on or off the body depending on your comfort level.



The hustle bustle of city life can be taxing on the mind and body in ways we don’t often realize immediately. As products of our environment, spending more and more time in the car, in front of computers, or at the desk has shown to have adverse effects on our overall well-being, causing all kinds of issues from anxiety and depression to insomnia and chronic pain. Coming into closer contact with nature has shown to help harmonize and balance our nervous systems to be less reactive, exhausted, and stressed in our day to day lives, leaving our senses happy and bodies and minds at ease. After meeting in my office to initially build trust and rapport, as you feel comfortable, we can take our sessions into the great outdoors as a supplementation to the work we do together, using elements of nature to help you heal.